Mario Temes, born December 8th, 1995, is an American actor of Cuban descent from Miami, Florida. He first discovered his passion for the arts when he was gifted a drum set from his parents at the age of 11. His love for music soon grew him into singing and performing in his high school's musical theater club. After having performed in various stage plays, Mario decided he wanted to explore the world of Film/TV.

With no training, Mario went on to audition for his first short film, and to his surprise landed the lead role. He began his search for an agent after wrapping his first film and shortly after being signed began working in various projects - some which include; his TV debut in his co-starring role of "Javier Menendez" on the USA Network series "Complications", his recurring role of "Benito" on the NBC series "Game of Silence", and his role as "Scat" in the short film "Last Wishes" directed by Herschel Weingrod; just to name a few.




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© 2013 Mario Temes, All Rights Reserved.2013 Mario Temes, All Rights Reserved.© 2013 Mario Temes, All Rights Reserved.